Personal training is a great way to achieve results fast in an unthreatening and supportive environment.  Adding the personal back into your workout helps with motivation and accountability.  Your personal trainer will customize your program to your lifestyle, and daily routine, making it achievable, therefore your goals become successes.

Absolute Health & Fitness runs on an appointment schedule, making a time that is suited to you with your personal trainer, helping to ensure your attendance and guarantee you are given the constant one on one attention and motivation you require to achieve your short and long term goals. When you are training on a one on one basis, your trainer will always optimize your performance to a high level of training with out the added pressure that group workouts can bring.

Customized programs have accountability to both parties.  You, to maintain a high level of commitment to your program and your trainer has the responsibility of creating a program tailored to you that brings you your desired results in the shortest time frame while keeping it enjoyable and rewarding.


Initial Consultation (getting to know you)

Absolute Health & Fitness values every client that walks through their door.  Your health and safety are a top priority.  To ensure we don’t put you under any risk we ask that you do an initial consultation with us.  This covers your medical history, fitness testing, and this is where we get to know you and your goals. From here we are able to construct an effective program for you.  We like to build a relationship with our clients learning who you are and what your lifestyle is, this way we can help make lifestyle changes that work for you and your family, while improving your health and fitness.

Price - one on one is a $70-  (Cheaper if you are doing personal training in a group)

If you sign up for the smartshape nutrition program when you do your inital consulation you get both for $130


Absolutely you – One on one training


A tailored 30 minute workout including, cardiovascular and resistance training in a friendly and professional atmosphere.  Your personal trainer will keep you on the move to get results in a short time.  Express is great for those who are limited for time but who still need to fit in a total body workout.  Price $25 


A 1 hour workout based on your goals & lifestyle, using resistance, cardiovascular and core training, helping to achieve your goals and see results faster. In maximize you will be pushed & motivated to your full potential.  Maximize is great for weight loss, mass building, and toning up clients. 

Price $40

Absolute Power

Dual (2 people)

Absolute loves to see people reach their goals.  As we can’t be with you 24 hour a day every day, having a partner can be a great asset, you can help keep each other accountable, with our assistance.  This is a great way to cut the cost but not the fun.  Dual can be done in express or maximize.  Its cost is only a little more than the one on one but once you split it, you are in front. 

30 Minutes = $35  hour = $50

Group (3 – 6 people)

If costs are still a little high and you have some other friends that are interested, this can be a great option. When the cost is split 3 to 6 ways the cost is great on any budget.  Have a great time with your friends getting fitter and healthier, with your own customized program to achieve your personal goals.  A personal trainer will be with your group to keep you focused and motivated to reaching your goals.   Price $60 for 1 hour